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Lonnie Glass


Lonnie Glass, a professional musician for six decades, has toured across North America and Europe and has written or co-written over 250 songs in many genres.

   Lonnie met Daniel Morel at an open mic in Victoria, BC and took him under his wing. Lonnie & Daniel create a unique and highly original take on "The Blues".

BIG TRAIN is  an Acoustic Duo bringing together two distinct generations of blues talent performing their original songs in a synergistic mix of soulful stories, earthy tunes and some of the meanest Blues Harmonica licks this side of the Mississippi.

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Daniel Morel



   Born in Montreal in 1990 and left home at 16 to travel and busk the Country, honing his skills while working. He was homeless for more than 10 years and made his way to Victoria where he finally got settled and met up with Lonnie Glass at an open mic.

  They are both quirky in their own rights.

Daniel has a tremendously unique Harp style merging many of the Blues greats.

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